Forces, consisting of various community and religious groups as well as doctors, are gathering to now oppose the November ballot measure banning male circumcision in San Francisco. Several Jewish and Muslim leaders have called out the proposed ban as a violation of their cultural and religious rights.

I was wondering when the opposition to this ballot measure was going to make its voice heard. Perhaps they had been keeping silent because, like many others, they didn’t actually think the organizers would be able to garner the required numbers of signatures (7,168 but they got 12,000) to get the measure on the November ballot. But, now, before it can even go to the polls, those opposing the ban want it removed from the ballot completely. To this end, they have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Elections in San Francisco Superior Court “on the grounds that San Francisco would have no power to enact the ordinance since only the state can make rules about medical procedures”

According to the SF Appeal, “The organizer of the campaign, Lloyd Schofield, has said he believes male circumcision is wrong and likened it to female circumcision practices that are already banned in the U.S. The proposal would punish people who circumcise a minor with a fine of up to $1,000 or up to a year in jail.”

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