It may be a simple item in our everyday lives. But the story of how peanut butter has changed Project Open Hand in San Francisco is truly amazing.

Director Brad Tangonan and producer Nick Read offered a screening of their short film about the organization’s peanut butter on Tuesday night. It takes viewers through how the idea came about to make their own peanut butter and how just that one product has helped enhanced the visibility of Project Open Hand, while also raising money for the organization.

Project Open Hand was started in 1985 by Ruth Brinker, a retired grandmother, who had just watched one of her friends die of AIDS. Noticing that there was very little in the way of social services for people with AIDS and HIV, she started the organization to help provide loving meals to its clients.

As the company has advanced and grown over the years, it has expanded to Alameda County, while also including services to people who are homebound and critically ill.

Along with helping to feed its patients, Project Open Hand’s peanut butter can be found in several retailers and stores in San Francisco.



Photo Credit: Project Open Hand