The ever-popular Bánh mì sandwich is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine and–according to several reputable sources–some of the nation’s best can be found at Saigon Sandwich (560 Larkin Street) in the Tenderloin, fittingly.

This delightful snack is also one of the cheapest meals around, with prices ranging from $3 all the way up to a whopping $3.50! Your choice of pork, chicken, pâté or even some sort of veggie-patty is mixed with fresh cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon radishes and nestled all perfectly into a crisp, French Baguette.

I hate to throw any traffic Yelp’s way, but I mean check this out: 4.5 stars on 1551 reviews?! That’s gotta tell you something right there.

But if Yelp reviews seem a bit dubious, you might enjoy knowing that earlier in the year a somewhat-obscure publication known as The New York Times printed a list of some of the most delicious bánh mìs this side of the Pacific. It was with great pride that I read the gushing praise heaped upon our humble, local landmark:

The space at Saigon Sandwich isn’t much to look at, but the banh mi — fresh, cheap and astonishingly delicious — may be the best in America.

First the Giants, then a world-champion pizzaiola, now Vietnamese sandwiches…is there anything our fine city isn’t the best at? The simple answer is ‘no’.

The full NY Times article can be found here.