Some call him outspoken and brash. He is famous for his “figs on a plate” comment about San Francisco restaurants. But Momofuku chef David Chang doesn’t really give a #*!* what anyone thinks of him or his new project, Lucky Peach.

Chang has teamed up with McSweeney’s to create the quarterly publication, with the official launch party scheduled for Wednesday night at the Make Out Room in San Francisco. An iPad app is also expected to launch shortly.

In a brief interview with The Bay Citizen, Chang said the project had a lot of appeal to him. “I’ll try anything…and print isn’t dead, at least not yet, so why not?” Chang told The Bay Citizen. “We wanted to do something we thought would be fantastic. We’re not really worried-if they don’t like it, that’s fine. If they like it, that’s great too. We hope they like it.”

The first issue is 174 pages and includes pieces produced by the likes of Ruth Reichl, John T. Edge and food science expert Harold McGee. But it also features more light-hearted pieces from Chang himself.

Each issue will cost $10 and Chang said it best himself. “We don’t have a stance (for the magazine) other than we don’t want to make something that’s crap.”