The Corner (2199 Mission St.) in the Mission is the site of an exciting concept in dining–The Pop-Up Restaurant–featuring a rotating cast of chefs and cuisines from around the city that are there one day, and gone the next. On Thursdays and Sundays, for instance, you can enjoy the aromatic, savory goodness of KenKen Ramen–known for its wondrously comforting miso ramen with thick slices of pork and fresh seaweed floating throughout. Vegetarian options are also available and almost equally as satisfying.

The great thing about The Corner is that if Japanese soup noodles don’t float your particular boat, you’re welcome to come back on Saturdays when you can enjoy the good ol’ country cooking of CatHead’s BBQ. Usually reserved for large groups and events, Rotation at The Corner allows the authentic southern delectability of CatHead’s to pop-up in a restaurant environment for any casual diner to enjoy. Check ’em out for lunch or dinner, on this one special day of the week.

Want to go a little fancier? Eat Restaurant on Friday nights might be just what you’re looking for. Distinguishing itself with the best, local and sustainable ingredients available today, the California Cuisine offered at this Pop-Up rivals the best of any of those antiquated high-end gourmets that are forced to stay in the same boring location day after day. Just take a look at their constantly-evolving menu to realize that you don’t necessarily need a fixed location to offer fixed elation.

So stay hip and get after it. If you like what you see today, you better act fast…who knows what dining experience tomorrow will bring. (A calendar, most likely.)