Taxi Driver Strike?

Now, this probably won’t even register on most people’s radar as there seems to be (usually when you’re drunk at 3am in the Mission) only about a dozen or so cabbies aimlessly driving about totally ignoring you while you desperately wave your arms around standing halfway in the street. But…although a Muni strike looks to have been avoided, a taxi strike may be on the horizon.

Apparrently drivers are angry about a 5% charge over credit card machine processing. You know what I’m angry about? Never being able to hail a cab when I need one.

According to SF Weekly, “Taxis plan to circle their cars around City Hall or remain parked on Tuesday, which means that the nearly impossible feat of catching a cab will now become, well, impossible.”

However, some cabbie sources say that the protest is, well, lame. And that attendance is not expected to be high.

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