I reviewed a Kölsch from Iron Springs a while back and although I wasn’t particularly impressed I came across their JC Flyer IPA: a British style IPA. My first hand experience with British beer comes from an unplanned overnight layover at Heathrow when I made the best of my evening by getting in on plenty of beer tasting! Because of this, I was especially curious to see how Iron Springs played this one out.

This beer pours cloudy, bright amber with a two finger head that leaves little lacing. Spicy and grassy notes pop out in the nose initially accompanied by citrus making for a pleasing and complex aroma. The flavor itself doesn’t disappoint, with a firm malty backbone to the hops, and sweetness more similar to honey than caramel, and with the addition of grapefruit and pine, this IPA comes off fresh. The body-feel and carbonation are both medium, and despite its ABV level on the high end for an IPA (7%), it’s a smooth drink, although not as light and complex as I would have anticipated for an English style IPA. This would best be paired with greasy fare, or at least serve as a good thirst quencher when eating plates of bangers and mash or hot chicken wings.

Overall, I think it’s a good attempt from Iron Springs but it seemed like the alcohol and malt may have muted the spectrum of flavors that could have come from the hops. This beer really drank more like a lighter American IPA, and although it’s tasty, I think Iron Springs should work a little more on this one.



Photo credit: JCflyer.com