Treasure Island to be SF’s New Hotspot?

If the developers have anything to do with it then, yes, Treasure Island – that inconveniently-located piece of land that most SFers only flock to for the music festival- will one day be one of SF’s most exclusive residential enclaves.

According to the SF Chronicle, “Developers hope the project, which goes before the Board of Supervisors for approval today, will feel like an urban village in the middle of a bustling metropolitan area. They hope urban farms, plentiful public transit and shared community spaces will give residents of the island a sense of community not found in other developments.”

The goal of the project leaders is to create a space where a sense of community of fostered rather than just a plain ‘ol place to rest your head before to have to commute back to work.

Well, one thing’s for sure – the homes will definitely have great views.

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