Like last week, I picked up another six-pack of a seasonal, this time Mighty Arrow from New Belgium. This one is a pale ale—which is a little odd for a seasonal, though regardless it was worth it to scope this beer out.

A short and soft white head sits atop the copper colored body of this beer, but doesn’t last too long. The aroma is reminiscent of biscuits, not unlike New Belgium’s amber ale, Fat Tire, though pine has a stronger presence in this one. It’s especially refreshing, although a bit watery, with the light mouth-feel and medium carbonation. Malt dominates the flavor giving the beer an overall bready taste, with hints of citrus and caramel. This would best be paired with chicken, roasted or grilled, or a hearty salad for a light meal.

In the end I wasn’t particularly impressed. It tastes like watered down Fat Tire but with carbonation to match. Although if you find Fat Tire too heavy, this one might be a better bet, but don’t expect too much in terms of hop presence and malt flavor.



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