ForageSF held its monthly Underground Market at Public Works this past weekend. And the overall event is quite a scene.

The two-story building in the Mission was packed, top to bottom. At times, it felt like there was no room to move, as people were lined up side-by-side. It was not for those who get claustrophobic.

The event was created by Iso Rabins in December 2009 as a way to showcase local foods produced in Bay Area kitchens. Because he focuses mainly on foraged food, he was never able to get into regular farmers’ markets, which require that you are the primary producer of the food you sell.

It was amazing seeing some of the food that was being created, as vendors used crock pots, small frying pans and whatever else they could to create some truly delicious items.

While I could have done without the huge crowds (even for me, it was a little claustrophobic) and wish they could get a bigger space, the event was a great success and provides a wonderful opportunity for all the people who can’t afford to own their own restaurant or food truck. Rabins said he hopes the Underground Market serves as “an incubator” for these home chefs, helping to build a name for themselves and some capital so they can move out into the “legit food world.”