The amazing thing about Greens (Fort Mason, Building A) is that despite a strictly vegetarian menu, this innovative restaurant–located right on the Bay–will leave even the most ferocious of meat-lovers not wanting for more.

And let me be more specific: the expertly-prepared fruit and vegetable dishes here are both delicious and surpisingly hearty. I’ll admit that if it weren’t for a vegetarian friend visiting from out of town I might not have ever made it into this haven of healthfulness. It’s somewhat hidden among the immense, spartan hangars that populate Fort Mason. But once you make it inside, you are welcomed by the warmth of it’s vast interior space. And who could argue with the view, overlooking the majestic Golden Gate and Marin Headlands in the distance.

I came here for a weekend brunch and it just so happens to probably be the best time to go. A specialized menu offers both lunch and breakfast fare, accompanied by delicious mimosas sweetened with your choice of fresh, organic orange or grapefruit juice. I went with the latter, and it was a spectacular accompaniment to my bowl of tangy, juicy ripened fruits. Lucious, red strawberries, oversized grapes bursting with flavor, and elegantly sliced chunks of orange all combined for a pleasure party on my palate.

The main dish was an exceptional portobello mushroom sandwich served on their own herb foaccacia bread with grilled peppers, Cowgirl Creamery Cheese and jazzed up with some plumped fingerling potatoes on the side. The sandwich had a savory, smokiness to it actually reminiscent of cooked red meat. As an unapologetic carnivore, I was thoroughly satisfied. After a few mimosas I was also a bit tipsy, enveloped in a wistful fog of satiation–the perfect state of mind with which to enjoy the wondrous scenery outside, as the familiar clouds of the Golden Gate descended upon the Bay during a gloriously sunny weekend afternoon.

A dazzling assortment of freshly-baked pastries are also available along with more traditional breakfast items like pancakes and omelettes, overstuffed with heaping portions of veggies. No matter what your dietary proclivities might entail, Greens will leave you with a superb sense of satisfcation. And well it should, it’s good for you!

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