Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School hosted a plant sale this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day.  And while you may be thinking what’s the big deal with a plant sale, it is all part of an amazing program at the school called Edible Schoolyard.

Edible Schoolyard is a program of the Chez Panisse Foundation and allows students at the school to learn all aspects of gardening and farming, along with cooking and preparing meals.  The one-acre garden and kitchen classroom is kept up by the students, as they grow an array of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers while at the same time, learning about the values of nutrition and nourishment in the kitchen.

Depending on their grade level, students participate in a number of sessions each school year led by teachers at Martin Luther King Jr,, Middle School.  The garden and kitchen were both amazingly well kept and it was hard to believe all the different items that were growing in the area.

The annual Mother’s Day plant sale offered those in the community a chance to gets their hands on what was being grown, all to benefit the Edible Schoolyard program.

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Edible Schoolyard Kitchen