Chef Emeril Lagasse’s latest cooking show, “The Originals with Emeril” is set to hit the airwaves this Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET (7:30 Pacific). And in the debut episode of his newest primetime Cooking Channel series, Lagasse will be featuring the city of San Francisco.

The show will pay tribute to iconic food establishments that have “helped shape the country’s culinary landscape.”

In each episode, Lagasse will visit a new city and go behind the scenes at three historic eateries – speaking with chefs and getting stories from customers as well.

The Buena Vista Café, Swan Oyster Depot and Tadich Grill will be featured in the San Francisco episode.

In the 13-episode first season, Lagasse will also visit New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and his beloved New Orleans.

Photo Credit: Spec. Leah R. Burton (U.S. Army), via Wikimedia Commons