Realboy, a couple of young local DJs earning their stripes in the San Francisco night life circuit are back with their label’s second party at 330 Ritch, Eletr!c.

As Realboy continue to mature their sound and grow their fan base, they also look to build a movement. This movement starts with a company called Our House Records that launched in January. I got a chance to sit down with Realboy, which consist of DJs Austin and Daniel, both just 20 years old, and their manager Oliver to discuss where they are now and where they intend to take their music in the future.

How’d you guys meet?

Austin: We met in kindergarten actually, and started making music four years ago. Daniel got into DJing before I was too familiar with the idea that I could make electronic music, and as I got going we’ve been working together ever since.

What sound are you guys trying to perfect, and how does it make you different than other up-and-coming DJs?

Daniel: We definitely have two sounds. Our first is an old throwback to the really funk, bluesy melodies — like really groovy with swing and funk elements in there.  Lately, as time goes by, we seem to be moving toward, I don’t want to say house or electro, but anything fun — that sound that gets you moving.

Do you guys prefer making music in the studio or performing?

A: It’s definitely making music for me.

D: Performing for me.


Realboy “1922”

What’s your favorite show you’ve gotten to perform at so far?

D: Definitely the Dada Life show.

A: It was crazy; definitely one of the best nights I’ve ever had. Everything just came together for us that night.

Are your sets different every time?

D: Yeah we try to write a new set every time we perform, or we’ll get bored

A: It’s almost like we get bored midway through writing a set and we have to re-vamp it over and over again. Things fly by so fast in what is entertaining musically, so it’s kind of hard to keep a set for three months like I hear people doing. Where’s the fun in that?


Realboy “Suck My Swing”

Any collaborations you guys are looking forward to in the future?

A: Yes, these guys Night People. They approached us because they like our music and what we’re doing with Our House Records. They know their music.

Where do you see yourselves a year from now?

D: We have our business, so we’re going to be right here making our business grow.

A: We’re really in no rush. If it takes ten years, I know [Our House Records] is with me — we’re all together, however long it takes.

Without putting yourselves in a box, how would you classify your sound?

D: I don’t like putting a genre on it, I like to call it dance music. There’s so much variation now it’s almost [pointless] trying to categorize it. We don’t want to be limited to one scene, we’re trying to be global.


Realboy “The Ritz”

How has your sound changed over time?

A: It’s grown sharper, because the idea with electronic music is we don’t sing, people can’t hear us. So when we’re making electronic music our voice becomes the instrument. I feel like the barrier between what we want to evoke, and what is being evoked is breaking down. So were starting to write more how we want it to feel.

D: Just the general quality is always going up.

SFS: Ok so Our House Records, what’s your vision so far?

Oliver: We are both a management and event production company. Daniel and I knew we wanted to start a record label as a hub for Realboy, so we can provide them with everything they need as an artist, along with developing their business side. We decided to start in San Francisco, and we’re working hard to make sure electro hase a face in San Francisco. We want to take it to the next level by bringing real organization to accomplish what is being accomplished in New York and Los Angeles. The electro scene is still very small on the west coast and we want to make sure it’s not something that people sort of reject as a passing fad.

Catch the Our House Records show Electr!c April 30th at 330 Ritch, featuring Felix Cartel with Realboy and Dynamics. Tickets are  $12 and available here