San Francisco’s Ocean Beach is normally a laid back spot at the end of Golden Gate Park where tourists and residents can lay out, build a bonfire or just enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

But come November, the world’s best surfers will be catching some waves as Ocean Beach will host a Rip Curl Search Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour event.

According to, the event will take place from November 1-11 and “will bring (out) the ASP top 35” to battle the waves off the San Francisco coast.

“San Francisco brings a whole new dimension to the Search: The World’s Best Surfers vs. the Elements — cold water, sizable surf, beachbreak,” Rip Curl Marketing Director Dylan Slater told the site. “And that time of year gives you a good chance for offshore winds. Plus the unique energy that the city brings will make this event a very distinct part of the Rip Curl Pro Search legacy.”

The event is expected to take place between stairwell 20 at VFW’s north to Kelly’s Cove.

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Photo Credit: Mila Zinkova, via Wikimedia Commons