Rabble-rouser Chicken John is at it again and this time non-profit La Cocina is caught in his crosshairs. The organization, based on Folsom Street in the Mission, serves as an incubator for mom-and-pop food start-ups. And now they want to open a food trailer in Dolores Park. Chicken John says no way.

The entrepreneur in question is Chaac Mool, which serves Yucatecan street food. It’s run by husband and wife team Luis Vazquez and Maria de la Luz. The trailer, which is 8×12, was set to open this Saturday. In anticipation of this Chicken John has organized a “Puke-in” where he and other like-minded protesters will vomit all over the trailer.

However, word is that La Cocina has changed the opening of the trailer and is now keeping it underwraps. Chicken John is painting the group as satanically-evil corporate monsters hellbent on unleashing their fury on the pure, innocent patrons of Dolores Park. He believes allowing permitted food vendors – even just one – will be the start to turning the park into a food court.

Um…with the dude that sells pot chocolate, the guys who hock ice cream and all manner of “exchanges” going on in the park, I thought it was already pretty much like a food court.

Anyways, here’s La Cocina’s mission:

The mis­sion of La Cocina is to cul­ti­vate low-income food entre­pre­neurs as they for­mal­ize and grow their busi­nesses by pro­vid­ing afford­able com­mer­cial kitchen space, industry-specific tech­ni­cal assis­tance and access to mar­ket oppor­tu­ni­ties. We focus pri­mar­ily on women from com­mu­ni­ties of color and immi­grant com­mu­ni­ties. Our vision is that entre­pre­neurs will become eco­nom­i­cally self-sufficient and con­tribute to a vibrant econ­omy doing what they love to do.

I don’t see any corporate evil intentions here.

If the trailer doesn’t work and causes mass chaos and carnage then boot it out. But until then, there is only one way to find out what will happen to Dolores Park if food trailers are set up – try it out.

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Photo credit: Luke Thomas/Fog City Journal