Tacos. Tuesday. They were meant for each other. Many places around the city recognize this fine, upstanding culinary tradition.

Over on Polk street, folks line up like herded cattle every week for the opportunity to enjoy discounted Mexican fare at Nick’s Crispy Tacos. What a lot of these people don’t realize, however, is that you can get the exact same tacos and an even better deal over in the Sunset at The Taco [email protected]’s (1824 Irving Street).

I don’t make it over to the Sunset as much as I should (apologies to my friends that live there) but my experiences at this boisterous, lively bar with cheap booze and food have me anxious to get down here more often. The menu at Underdog’s was created by Nick Fasanella, the very same Nick of Nick’s Crispy Tacos fame. Only instead of offering his famous cuisine in a part-time night club–as is the case with the flagship Polk Street location–The Taco Shop @ Underdog’s brings reasonably priced tacos and Tecates to a sports bar environ, complete with multiple flatscreens and ravenous, local fans.

Starting at 5pm on Tuesdays, tacos and Tecates are only 2$, until close. Go with the carnitas. They’ve got the juiciness that should be expected from slow-marinated pork while maintaining a firm texture, without succumbing to the mushiness that so often typifies a poorly executed marinade. They also make a helluva pico de gallo. Other Mexican standards such as crispy-fried quesadillas and overflowing nachos are not part of the Tuesday deal, but are always available at a reasonable price.

So as the rest of the city piles into the cramped confines of a Polk Street nightclub-turned-taqueria, dedicate your Tuesday evenings to a more comfortable affair in the Sunset. You’ll get to enjoy one of the city’s great dining deals without the insane crowds.