Recently, after broadcasting another exciting webcast of @SFStation radio, G-Force and the Japhman found themselves in the Soma with empty bellies and a passion for affordable grub.

On the corner of 8th and Bryant (1010 Bryant Street) is an authentic Korean restaurant known simply as So. There are so many puns you can lay out with a name like this, but I promise to only use one: this place is so good, and there are a few distinct reasons why.

1.) Huge Portions

So offers heaping portions of fried chicken and pork, drowning in flavorful sauces that are unique and delicious. I have never seen appetizers this size before. One bowl of the Cherry Pork is enough to fill a reasonably hungry adult. The potstickers are the biggest dumplings I have ever seen, overstuffed with ground pork and accompanied by a delicious ginger-soy dipping sauce. Be careful when making your decision; so much seems appealing here, you definitely run the risk of over-ordering. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE KOREAN FRIED WINGS! THIS IS YOUR #1 PRIORITY!

2.) Affordable Prices

The average cost of a plate here is between $7 – $8. A hidden gem of value in a sometimes overpriced city.

3.) Variety

Everything I tried here has some characteristic making it profoundly different than the rest, quite a feat when you consider that the menu is dominated by noodle dishes. I have been to many a noodle house in my day and at lesser establishments it seems like every dish is just a slight variation from the next. Not at So. Black Bean Noodles are a popular dish here and the flavor is worlds apart from the Curry Shrimp Rice, for example, which is marked by a savory Indian flair.

Get to So for lunch or even dinner and be ready to take some delicious Korean cuisine back home with you. The only caveat I can give you is that if you’re going with other diners make sure to bring cash. This place gives you a real hard time about splitting a check on multiple credit cards (as in they won’t do it), which is both unfortunate and inconvenient but a small price to pay in exchange for some of the best Korean food in the city.

Photo credit: Brad Japhe