The latest in MTV-fueled, baby-faced pop rock is about to hit the West Coast. Moms, hold onto your daughters, A Rocket to the Moon is coming to San Francisco on April 6th alongside Valencia, Anarbor and Runner Runner. Lead singer Nick Santino took a moment to answer some questions in the midst of the busy show schedule.

You formed the band in 2008 in Braintree, MA. Is that where you grew up as well?

I lived in the south shore all my life. Lived in Holbrook and Weymouth but Braintree for the last 15 years.

I went to high school in Swampscott, MA which is on the North Shore (or, the Naaath Shaaaa as some prefer to pronounce it), and found music to be a good refuge from the small-minded masses I was surrounded by. Did you begin playing music in high school?

I played guitar since middle school — about 13 years now.  I joined a pop-punk band with my current best friend.

You guys have been on quite a few impressively large tours. What was the first big tour you went on and what are some favorite memories from those times.

Our second tour ever was the MySpace tour back in ’08 with Secondhand Serenade and Cute Is What We Aim For. House of blues venues for the most part. It was pretty surreal.

What bands did you listen to growing up that you feel made a lasting impression on your sound? Do you still listen to them now?

Whatever my parents and my sister listened to. I was a very impressionable person. I listened to my dad’s records when we’d drive in his car — The Beatles, America, The Eagles, Aerosmith, Boston. My mom listened to the 60s-70s pop like Leif Garret and the Osmands. My sister listened to modern pop, Nsync and everything.  I really started noticing music on my own in the late 90s with bands like The Wallflowers, Everclear, and Third Eye Blind.

Do you have an embarrassing musical obsession that that until this very moment you have kept a deep, dark secret?

I love all music. My first and second concerts were Nsync because my sister had to take me. I listen to anything from Johnny Cash to Blink 182. I don’t really hate on much music.

A Rocket to the Moon play at Bottom of the Hill Wednesday, April 6th.  Tickets are $13 in advance and $15 at the door. This is an all-ages show and doors are at 6pm.