If you haven’t yet heard, Mission mainstay Ti Couz, which has been serving up Normandy-style crepes since 1992, and Bernal Heights ice creamery Maggie Mudd, a favorite of vegans and non-vegans alike, are both closing up shop.

Maggie’s last day will be this Sunday, April 3rd while that of Ti Couz is still TBA.

How will I live without Maggie Mudd’s Black and White milkshake? And now where will all the vegans go for their ice cream cakes? But all hope is not lost. Vegansaurus reports that while the retail shop is closing, you’ll still be able to order cakes on-line through a new and improved web site (the one they have now is a bit wonky) and “all the old vegan options will still be available.” Michael the owner states that, “Since MM won’t be entirely going away, there’s a chance it’ll appear on the street again somewhere. The currently location is really not the best, since it’s so far away from one of its core audiences.” As that is my neighborhood ice cream shop, I really hope they pop up on Cortland once again.

As for Ti Couz, the chances of the restaurant re-opening at a different space are nil. As it is they are having some leases troubles. However…the Inside Scoop reports that while owner “[Sylvie] LeMer isn’t discussing the reasons for the closure at this point. . .word on Valencia is that she’s definitely looking for buyers for Ti Couz.” So, maybe it’ll be able to survive after all? Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Along with the blood orange mimosas and pear cider, the Salade De Crudites, and the absolutely delicious Sweet & Low Dessert (chocolate mousse/ ice cream espresso chocolate chantilly), we’ll miss all the photos of old ladies wearing funny lace hats the most.

Photo credit: Maggie Mudd/Flickr