Well, I think we can all file this under ‘ridiculous’, but thank you PETA for the laugh. The folks over at SFist report that the animal rights organization is trying to get the Tenderloin renamed to something less meaty.

According to a letter forwarded to SFist,Tracy Reiman, the organization’s Executive Vice President, wrote a letter to (temp) Mayor Ed Lee with the following suggestion:

I am writing on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and our more than 2 million members and supporters, including thousands in the Bay Area, with an idea that could help revitalize the struggling Tenderloin district: rename it the “Tempeh District.” By discarding an outdated moniker that evokes the horrors of the meat trade, you’ll be sending a strong message to progressive businesses and health-conscious residents that this neighborhood is ready for a fresh start.

Yeah, that’s what’ll help revitalize the ‘Loin. And where are all these health-conscious Tenderloin residents?

Reiman goes on to write, “If Tempeh doesn’t excite you, how about Granola Flats or Seitan’s Lair? You could even run a contest to choose a veggie moniker.”

If I had any money at all (which I don’t) I would pay to have the Tenderloin renamed “Granola Flats”.

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Photo credit: http://boozeandshoes.org