It’s easy to find a place with spectacular food. It’s also never a problem to discover a spot with kick-butt cocktails. A joint that’s perfected both, however, is a bit harder to find.

Most bars that have mastered the art of mixology serve nothing more than truffle-infused popcorn. Similarly, plenty of restaurants with the best entrees make a martini that’s shaken, not stirred (or only serve beer and wine, yikes!). The spectacular spots listed below manage not only to create an impeccably balanced plate of food, but also to craft expertly blended cocktails. Cheers to that!


An intimate French bistro, Garçon is a quintessential hidden neighborhood gem. No only are their Parisian-inspired delicacies flawlessly prepared, they’re also attractively plated. The innovative cocktail menu scoffs at boring classics and infuses drinks with accoutrements like olive oil, pepper, and chile oil. More info


A pioneer in perfect cocktails and savory bites, Beretta knows how to do things right. Start with a Kentucky Mule (bourbon, lime, ginger, and mint) to drink. To eat, go for the brussel sprouts with butter and sage and finish with the spicy Italian sausage pizza with panna and green onion. More info


Nopa is the ideal spot to celebrate and keep the good times rolling. Its industrial-chic décor urge diners to try a sip of their perfectly blended Sazerac and a bite of their oh-so succulent lamb chops. More info


Range is a destination you’ve probably walked past a thousand times and possibly never noticed. Come early, pull up a bar stool and sip on a Bulleit Bourbon-loaded Smoking Gun. Wash it down with a plate of the coffee-rubbed pork shoulder with creamy hominy and collard greens, and finish with some hot date turnovers. More info


Absinthe is one of the only locations in Hayes Valley that serves exceptional cocktails. Head there for happy hour and order a Ginger Rogers made with gin, mint, ginger syrup, lemon juice, and ginger ale. Stay for dinner and try the famously juicy Niman Ranch skirt steak. More info

Bar Agricole

A relative newcomer on the foodie scene, Bar Agricole has already earned a nominated for a James Beard award. The farm-inspired cocktail and food menus rotate on a daily basis. More info

Heaven’s Dog

You can’t go wrong with good Chinese food and booze. It’s no wonder that the one spot that brought them together has the word “heaven” in its name. Order a Freedom of Choice and let the expert bartenders guide you. Pair it with some scallion pancakes and the wuxi pork spare ribs with chili-garlic sauce. More info