I had the good fortune to jam with LA Font (that’s el-a-phont) bassist Greg Katz back in early 2009, and a few months later the garage rock quartet were creeping up on the local Echo Park/Silverlake scene. Now they’re no longer creeping.

“Fine Lines” is the album opener from last year’s The American Leagues, and I’ll just come right out and say it: I’m kind of obsessed with this song.

Clocking in at just 2 1/2 minutes, it ends far too soon, so you’re left craving more, hitting the back button repeatedly a la Jesse Eisenberg at the end of that Facebook movie. The first 4 seconds are a deceptively soothing ‘ooh’ chant before Danny Bobbe goes all snarly on you. The coolest thing about the song is how Katz (packing a few awesome little bass flourishes), drummer Harlow Rodriguez and guitarist Jon Perry have shaped their parts perfectly to serve Bobbe’s sneers.

Check out the recently released “Fine Lines” video (there are zombies, bullet-shooting guitars, and a cute fluffy dog), and then check out the rest of The American Leagues. Hint: you can grab it for your own price over at Bandcamp.