Hailing from a small town called Tuam in county Galway on the west coast of Ireland, The Saw Doctors are arguably one of Ireland’s biggest bands. Grab a pint and celebrate the return of Slim’s liquor license at their show this Friday.

Never heard of The Saw Doctors? I hadn’t either, but after having a listen I could see how they topped the Irish charts.  Catch them at Slims this Friday.

The biggest wee band in Ireland didn’t gain success overnight. The Saw Doctors have been playing for over twenty years and have toured tirelessly from Galway to Melbourne and back.

The band’s songs tell stories, much like the traditional Irish music its members were raised upon, but they have crafted their tales into undeniably catchy pop songs with anthemic refrains that will have even the shyest of shy guys yelling out the choruses.

Though they haven’t toured the U.S. much, they have built a rabid following among those that have been introduced to the band’s music and raucous live show. The single “I Useta Lover” became one of the biggest selling singles of all time in Ireland, which is pretty impressive considering the imminent demise of music sales worldwide.

The group just released its seventh studio album The Further Adventures of The Saw Doctors . There are few bands with the endurance to last this long, and The Saw Doctors have certainly earned their notoriety. Be sure to check out the show tomorrow night at Slim’s.

March 25th at 333 11th St.  The show is at 8pm and tickets are $24.