Eight new parklets have been approved by the city with nine more in varying stages of approval. As the SF Examiner tweeted: “More San Francisco parking spots to be converted to parklets.” Each mini park takes up roughly 2 parking spots. But, hey, at least you get space to lounge around on the streets.

According to the SF Examiner, “To date, DPW has issued eight permits out of the 27 and is in the process of permitting the remainder over the next couple of weeks.”

The approved parklets:

* 1300 Fulton (Café Abir)

* 375 Valencia (Four Barrel Coffee)

* 1755 Polk (The Crepe House)

* 1132 Valencia (The Crepe House 3)

* 914 Valencia (Freewheel Bike Shop)- Installed

* 4033 Judah (Trouble Coffee)

* 3600 16th Street (Squat & Gobble)- Installed

* 937 Valencia (a private property owner)

Unfortunately, many of the parklets are situated in high-traffic, high-density areas (Mission, Western Addition, Tenderloin) where parking is already a pain. However, if you do not drive or ride a bike, and have ample free time to hang out in parklets, then you may be thrilled.

The parklets certainly do beautify the city and bring a charm to the neighborhoods though!

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Photo credit: http://liliapilia.blogspot.com