The folks at Kasa Eatery have been hosting a pop-up at The Corner (18th and Mission) on Wednesdays in March (next week will be the last Kasa pop-up there). Tonight the theme is The Perfect Indian Wedding: Vegan Indian Food. Yum!

It’s a $20 prix-fixe menu, and you get a whole of lot of bang for your buck:



– A fermented batter made of seasoned chickpea flour steamed into a spongy cake, then drizzled over with a spicy tempering mixture and served with a sweet tamarind chutney.


‘Sarson’ Greens with Garbanzo Beans

– Sauteed mustard greens in garlic, spiced with fennel, cumin and coriander seeds

Bombay Aloo

– A comforting, divine dish of potatoes in a tangy tomato and mustard seed curry

Punjabi Kale Channe

– A fantastic Punjabi dish of curried black chickpeas.


– Fresh orange slices with vanilla and vegan chocolate shavings


Fresh wholewheat phulkas – light, wholewheat bread cooked on a tawa

Basmati Rice


Mango Chutney

Mint and Apple chutney

Cucumbers in a curry leaf and lime vinagrette

Pickled chillies

Kasa Hot Sauce

For reservations, call 415-690-8512 or email [email protected]

For more info, go here.

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