Last week Slim’s, a popular music venue on 11th between Folsom and Harrison, was shut down for ten days by the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (the ABC). Despite the obvious conclusion that this had something to do with serving alcohol to minors, reports that it was actually closed because of a noise complaint made by a neighbor.

Any venue or bar that is found to be in violation of laws pertaining to the service of alcohol is fined and shut down for ten days – that’s ABC’s code of conduct. However it’s odd that they are able to apparently close businesses due to noise complaints. The ABC has been putting a lot of pressure on Bay Area music spots that serve alcohol, but also admit minors which is forcing some owners to consider making more shows 21 and over. In a town where minors already have few options for live music, it’s a sad possibility.

Slim’s posted on their front door (next to the Suspension notice) that the infraction had nothing to do with alcohol, and instead was due to a neighbor who frequently makes noise complaints (the post included the neighbor’s name and address).

The temporary closure affected the scheduled show of The She’s last Sunday, March 20th and Slim’s will remain closed until the 27th for the Saw Doctors.