Pouch o’ Wine?

If you thought a box of wine defined (lack of) class then get ready for pouches of wine. They’re kind of like Capri Sun juice packs but for that wino wine-lover on the go. Marketed towards picnickers, the wine pouches may just be the newest trend on the wine scene.

According to Slashfood:

Indulge Wines, headquartered in Buellton (Santa Barbara County), California, recently rolled out two 1.5L wines packaged in an “Astrapouch”: a 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, North Coast; and a 2009 Pinot Noir, Central Coast. Although right now they’re only available in California, by summertime, wine-drinkers nationwide will be able to purchase the portable pouches. (Each pouch is the equivalent of two 750mL wine bottles.)

The pouches are also eco-friendly as they use less material then boxed wine and the wine lasts for nearly 30 days after opening. And – guess what – they are actually supposed to be pretty tasty.

For more about this natty new invention, go here.