While you can’t pinpoint exactly what style of music they will be playing, No Way Back residents Conor and Solar, along with Norwegian guest Todd Terje are guaranteed to make you dance to their feel-good tunes, tonight at SOM. We Spoke with Conor about the party.

Conor and Solar’s party collective, No Way Back, has been rocking the dance floors of San Francisco for two years now, playing various venues around town as well as a residency every second Saturdays at 222 Hyde. The crew is also beginning to branch out more, taking it on the road to Los Angeles this spring.

Catch edit master Todd Terje tonight, along for what could be described as a spacey musical adventure tapping into Balearic or yacht rock. Terje, on house god Prins Thomas’s record label Full Pupp, is known for his re-edits and remixes of songs from a variety of genres ranging from rock or funk to disco or house.

I got the opportunity to ask Conor a few questions this week regarding the No Way Back mission, what tunes he’s digging right now, and his favorite Terje records.

What’s behind the name of the party “No Way Back”?

It was inspired from a record that i like: Adonis “No Way Back”.

What kind of music do you stick with? Seems like a discoy/funky house vibe? Is that mostly newer songs, re-edits of older songs, older stuff, or a mix of all styles?

I don’t really pick the music I play based on genre, more from a specific production aesthetic. At a typical No Way Back you should be able to hear Solar and I play everything from disco to punk rock and from techno to garage.

Do you spin vinyl? What format are you using to DJ?

I currently play all vinyl. I have yet to DJ with a CDJ or a computer.  Solar uses vinyl and .WAV’s.

Any guests you’d really like to have in the future? Dream guests?

[Hugely influential diseased Chicago house DJ] Ron Hardy.

Five records you’re loving right now?

I’ll give you thirteen, five’s too hard.

Electric Chairs “So Many Ways” 1979

Oni Ayhun “OAR003” 2009

The Quick “One Light In a Blackout” (12″ mix) 1982

Mim Suleiman “Mingi” 2011

Steve Winwood Penulitmate Zone” 1977

Gwendolyn “Come to Me” 1984

House of Jezebel “Love & Happiness” 2010

J.M. Black “Lipstick (Shout)” 1984

Omar S “Here’s Your Trance, Now Dance!!” 2011

Miss Nicky Trax “Acid In The House” 1988

Leftfield “Not Forgotten” 1990

Beautiful Swimmers “O Yea” 2009

African Dream “Makin’ A Livin” 1994

What are your favorite Todd Terje edits?

I like his edits of Kraftwerk “Home Computer” and Strafe “Set it off” and i like his cover of Cloud One’s “Don’t Let My Rainbow Pass Me By” released as Todd Terje “Reinbagan”.

Anything else you want to say about No Way Back, Todd Terje, the party, the SF scene, music in general…?

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us. We love you.

No Way Out is tonight, Friday March 18, at SOM Bar and $5 before 11PM with RSVP.