Just two years after going viral with his YouTube comedy sketches while attending NYU, Donald Glover has his own network television and a national tour the stops at the Fillmore next month.

There have been no days off for the 26-year-old comedian, who landed a job writing for the award winning NBC show 30 Rock right out of college. Two years and two prime time Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series later, Glover left the show to pursue his stand-up career and acting career. He now finds himself back at NBC, this time staring in the prime-time hit series Community. He has since gone on to host his own Comedy Central standup show, and recently introduced his musical alias Childish Gambino for a string of releases.

He’s taken Hype Machine by storm, remixing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep (with the help of Jaime xx) and has dropped his own single Freaks & Geeks, both topping the popular charts for a few days. The writer/rapper/comedian has even admitted to producing his own tracks, and is on a mission to break any classifications you try to throw at him — claiming no affiliation besides his oath to cleaver bars, and beats that could pass as electro had he released them without lyrics.

His own nationwide tour, I Am Donald kicks of April 16th and hits San Francisco on April 28th at the Fillmore. and Look out for standup comedy from Donald Glover, and a musical performance from the Chilidish Gambino. Be sure to download his free EP Childish Gambino before you go.