People have been telling me some really good things about Pazzia – a pizzeria over in the SOMA. From what I heard this place is like a true Italian family-style dinner. “Great wine and loud conversations” was the exact quote described to me by an anonymous friend who also noted that “the waitresses are hot.”

Please note that I’m quoting a girl here, so don’t think it’s some sort of sexist thing. I looked at some pictures online and my friend might not be too far off…these waitresses are kinda hot. But seriously, it was the PIZZA that looked really hot – thinner crusted, Neapolitan-style, with copious amounts of fresh mozzarella cheese oozing off the sides, covered with fresh and savory ingredients like arugula and prosciutto.

I could actually smell the Italian countryside wafting gently into my nostrils. But the only problem is, while I really like to give suggestions, I hate to receive them. I would much rather discover something on my “own.” Well, sometimes the best advice is to take other people’s best advice, because after one visit to this place, I was a believer.

However, don’t just take my word for it: you gotta get out there and make up your own mind. Everybody’s tastes are different and the best flavors out there are never more or less than the best for you. So, in the name of science, try Pazzia and see if it does for you what it did for me.

Photo credit: “Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza” via Jimmy H./Yelp