Local real estate agent Alexander Clark posted a simple question on his personal blog, theFrontSteps, that suddenly got some national attention on the front page of Yahoo!’s “Headlines” section and a whole slew of answers: What’s the Best Coffee (House) In San Francisco?

What to you think? At the moment Philz in the Mission is in the lead with Four Barrel Coffee coming in a distant second. If you would like to add your own pick or would like to vote on the current list (below), go to the poll and cast your vote!

Here’s the list thus far:


Sightglass Coffee

Simple Pleasures

Cafe Greco

Equator Coffees & Teas

Bello Coffee & Tea

Caffe Roma

Curbside Coffee

Philz Coffee

Hearth Coffee Roasters (Brown Owl Cafe)

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Cafe Encore


Café La Taza


Martha Bros Coffee


Trouble Coffee (De La Paz)

Verve Coffee Roasters

Stumptown (Ma’velous)

Piccino Cafe

Barefoot Coffee (Epicenter Cafe)

Caffee Trieste

Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee


Quetzal Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee


Intelligentsia Bar (In Specialty’s)

Four Barrel Coffee

Capricorn Coffees

Coffee to the People

De La Paz

the Beanery

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Castro Coffee House

7-11 (Humoring you)

Farley’s Coffee

Caffe Puccini


Rancho Parnassus (Thanksgiving Coffee)

Java Beach

Ecco Caffee

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Progressive Grounds

Contraband (Coffee Bar)

The Coffee Roastery

Cup of Blues

Henry’s House of Coffee

Velo Rouge Cafe

Cavalli Cafe

Coffee Roaster

For the poll and the results, go here.