Neighborhood blog Mission Mission reports that a new parklet is being built right in front of Freewheel Bike Shop (Valencia @ 20th). They also state that there are plans underway to build even more parklets in the next several months across the city. I know there are many folks who are all “Yay, parklets are awesome!” but all I can think is “Well, there goes two more coveted parking spots on Valencia Street.” And I don’t even drive.

The commentators over at Mission Mission would definitely disagree. They are practically besides themselves with joy at the prospect of being able to loaf around on the parklet; the sole detractor was shot down. I wonder what this means for the planned parklet in front of Ritual, which is only a couple blocks away. If their parklet also gets constructed will this mean that there will now be four parking spots taken away on Valencia?

I’m not a driver myself but there are certainly many Mission residents who are and this is really going to make things tougher for them.

Photo credit: Mission Mission blog