Aspiring food truck purveyors camped out in line all weekend in front of a DPW building for the chance to get a coveted permit to sling their wares to hungry customers. This signals the changes in the process whereas before the SFPD had been issuing permits and, most significantly, permits now cost $3,000 instead of $10,000.

KGO reports that, “The most requested locations have been around the AT&T ballpark and the Financial District. The city will limit the number of food trucks in certain locations so the stakes are high and the competition is fierce.”

“The Department of Public Works will make sure trucks that sell the same type of food aren’t close to each other, and that they don’t cause too much competition for restaurant owners — many of whom aren’t too pleased about these mobile cafes.”

The new food trucks will be ready to go late Spring/early Summer.

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