After shredding the streets of San Francisco — and the world — as a professional skateboarder with the Bones Brigade in the 80s, Tommy Guerrero put down his skateboard and started spending more time with his guitar.

Since his debut album in 1998, he has steadily amassed a groove-heavy catalog of mostly instrumental music. He celebrated his latest release Lifeboats & Follies in early February with a sold-out show at Café du Nord. Guerrero, a long-time San Francisco resident before relocating to the East Bay, shares a few of his favorite things about the City with us.

Favorite public area to play music outside:

Treasure Island Festival

Favorite venue:

Great American Music Hall

Favorite spot to hunt for records:

You’re asking me to give up the spot? Amoeba is always good for cheap vinyl.

101 Music on Green Street in North Beach has a basement full of crusty, dusty gold, and lots of musical instruments, as well.

Best place to find new music gear:

I rarely buy new. Real Guitars has great vintage gear.

Skate spot you wish still existed:

Safeway curb.

SF location that should be a skate spot:

The entire city!

Best spot to unwind after a long day:

Thee Parkside, aka the office, for those in the know.

If you had to leave the East Bay and move back to San Francisco, what neighborhood would you move to and why?

If I moved back, I’d like to live in Potrero Hill. It’s always sunny and Farleys is nearby.

(Photo courtesy of Treasure Island Music Festival/Peter Ellenby Photography.)