Breastmilk Ice Cream

For the love of god, breastmilk is for babies – not for weird, pervy taboo-obsessed foodies! If you want to figure out what breastmilk tastes like why not just go up to a nursing mother and ask her to squirt some into your mouth?

Better yet – why not get pregnant yourself/get a woman pregnant, wait 9 months, give birth/help through labor and then imbibe all the breastmilk you want.

At least that’s my opinion on the matter. Enter London-based restaurant The Icecreamists (dubbing themselves “Agents of Cool”), who are selling an ice cream made out of breastmilk (flavored with Madagascan vanilla and lemon zest) served to customers by a waitress dressed as Lady Gaga who they call “Baby Gaga”. Is this really necessary? I guess it’s all part of the experience since they are charging $22.50 per serving.

To read more, go here. [via Slashfood]