With a combined age of 169 the members of Brooklyn’s Endless Boogie have one rule when it comes to performing live: only play a show when asked.

The band formed in 1997 and their first show was in 2001 when their friend Stephen Malkmus asked if Endless Boogie would open for him. I was surprised when I went to the band’s website and saw photos of the members. I assumed, when I read that they were the new “heavy-psych” band from Brooklyn, that I would see four 22-year-olds with beards, western-style shirts, and skinny jeans.

Initially, Endless Boogie’s latest release, Full House Head, is indeed youthful, not so much in the style but certainly in the attack. The vocals are bright and energetic, not unlike the Jesus Lizard’s David Yow. The guitars playfully sing back and forth to each other, creating melodic loops and twists. The music feels young and free though stylistically it certainly borrows heavily from 70s rock, blues and early psychedelia. The difference is, Endless Boogie are not borrowing at all. It’s members are crafting a style they grew up with and grew up on — and they are damn good at it.

The songs lean toward the long side but there is true skill involved in how these four guys with the best rock names ever — Grease Control, Top Dollar, Memories From Reno and The Guvernor -– move through each track. The songs come across as natural, fluid and completely effortless. Second-nature could be a good descriptor but I prefer to think of them as four guys playing music purely for the love of it and presenting their talents only when asked. Talk about taking supply and demand to heart. Rolling Stones, you may want to take a cue from these guys –- they aren’t going anywhere.

Endless Boogie play at The Hemlock this Sunday, February 20th. Abouretum headline and Hiking open. Doors are at 9pm and tickets are $8.