Today is Valentine’s Day. For many it’s a day for giving and celebrating love, but for some it’s just an ugly reminder that love is not blind. If fact, love, marriage and discrimination go hand in hand here in California and in most states across the country. To fight this, there will be two rallies today in support of same sex marriage.

The first rally will take place at 11am on the steps of City Hall, during which several same sex couples will ask for marriage licenses and then stage a sit-in. The second action will take place at 3:30pm at the Contra Costa County Clerk’s office in Martinez.

SF Appeal reports that, “Proposition 8, enacted by voters as a state constitutional amendment in November 2008, mandates that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid in California.” The measure overturned a May 2008 California Supreme Court decision that said the state Constitution provided the right to gay and lesbian marriage.”

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