Forbes just put out its America’s Most Miserable Cities list. What exactly makes a city miserable? Is it a depressed economy and housing market, high rates of violent crime, and rampant unemployment? Yes – to all of the above. And, guess what, the Golden State has eight of the twenty most miserable cities in the entire country.

Stockton was ranked the #1 most miserable city followed closely behind by Merced (#3), Modesto (#4) and Sacramento (#5). However, Miami was placed at #2 and while they are wide stretches of the city that are depressed economically one can hardly compare it to Merced or Modesto. Come on – it’s Miami, for God’s sake!

Also making the list are Vallejo, Fresno, Salinas and Bakersfield. Thankfully, San Francisco was not on the list.

For more, go to the full article in the Chronicle.