And not for the public schools they are (supposedly) working for, but for themselves. At the moment, members get $500/month (this amount was set in 1972) and they are proposing to increase it to roughly $40,000 annually, about what a first-year teacher makes.

The SF Weekly reports that, “Jill Wynns, who has served on the Board of Education for 18 years, claims that most board members spend at minimum 20 hours a week prepping for board meetings then attending the marathon meetings, as well as meeting with parents, students, and teachers. It makes it difficult, if not impossible for some board members who have full time jobs to juggle it all.”

Such a change would cost the district about $133,000/year . Members also want increased benefits, including “lifetime health care for any board member who serves for 20 years.”

It should be noted that the SF Unified School District is in the hole $113 million.

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