New Restaurant Alert: Source

Paolo Lucchesi at Inside Scoop just revealed that a new restaurant called Source is set to open in the design district in early March. Ah, just what the city needs – another vegetarian restaurant. And I’m not being sarcastic. With a crop of new restaurants offering meat-heavy dishes, some of who don’t even offer a single vegetarian entree, it’s good to see that there is another option for us vegetarians.

Lucchesi writes that, “Source is “a “multi-dimensional” restaurant offering “mainstream international comfort vegetarian food prepared in unique ways. There will be 40-50 seats inside, plus another 30 on a heated patio. Air will be filtered and ionized. There will be a 8×10 foot water wall installation. A special sound system will be in place and a light system will help create the mood via color therapy.” Okay, you’ve lost me there. But at least the food looks promising.

At this point the menu consists of pizzas, casserole dishes, veggie dogs and fake meat.

For more on Source, go here.

Photo credit: Inside Scoop

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