Are you a cookie monster? Do you love to devour all and any cookies with wild abandon? And do you bake them by the dozen? Well, say goodbye to any NYE resolutions you may have had regarding eating better or losing more weight because Omnivore Books is having a cookie throwdown. Winner gets a split of the door money plus the accolades of other cookie monsters.

Here’s the deal (from Omnivore Books’ web site): “Make any kind of cookie you can think of, and bring a lot of them (miniatures or cut into bite-size). We’ll all judge the best, and the winner will split the door money with me. Free to cookie entrants; $5 eaters-only. All entries welcome – no need to sign up, just show up about 10 minutes early.”


Omnivore Books on Food

3885a Cesar Chavez Street @ Church


Saturday, Jan 29th


[via SF Foodie]