Meat Water?

Are strange drinks becoming a new trend? First Four Loko then Canna Cola and now Meat Water? Yes, water that tastes like meat. While the company seems to have been around for a couple years, they just introduced a new line of salad flavors that have brought them back into the spotlight. The new flavors include poached salmon salad, Caribbean shrimp salad, and grilled Thai beef salad. Yes, the taste of shrimp is exactly what I want when I drink water.

Monica Garske at Aol News writes that, “Weird beverage line MeatWater has just released four new flavors for the health-conscious consumer: poached salmon salad, grilled chicken salad, beef salad and shrimp salad. The new flavors in the MeatWaterVOID line include poached salmon salad — which supposedly tastes like a piece of salmon over lettuce, asparagus and mustard seeds — and grilled chicken salad, a green-colored beverage said to taste like grilled chicken, spinach and onions, complete with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Then there’s grilled Thai beef salad, a dark reddish, “mildly spicy but SUPER beefy” flavor that supposedly tastes like flank steak, red leaf lettuce, cucumber and garlic.”

Are you gagging yet? Just wait. The founder of the new beverage company, Till Krautkraemer, says that the best way to enjoy the drinks are slightly warm – “like a fine wine”. Oy vey.

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