It’s that time of year again….when green-clad little girls across the country ruthlessly try to sell you boxes upon boxes of the most delicious cookies ever made – yes, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time. However, this year some of the burgeoning capitalists will be learning an important economic lesson: downsizing. A dozen Girl Scouts councils will be only hocking six flavors and cutting out the rest. Don’t worry, Thin Mints are still in the mix.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Roni Luckenbill, chief operating officer at the Western Ohio council, a Girl Scouts employee for more than 30 years, says limiting the flavors to six will save her council a penny per box. This year, for the first time, individual scouts will be allowed to advertise online.” In many places, they’ve also raised the price of a box to $4.

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[via Eater SF]