Do you know what you are making for dinner tonight? How about tomorrow night or the night after? Don’t worry, most people have no idea what they’ll be eating from day to day. But with the right planning and organizational tools, you can have your kitchen running like clockwork, reducing any undo stress and making healthy choices. 18 Reasons has just the class for you.

Registered Dietitian Tali Sedgwick will be hosting a class at 18 Reasons called “Good Eating All Week: Planning Tips and Tools“. The class description is as follows:

During this two hour workshop, Tali will explain how, with just a little forethought and the right tools in your back pocket, you can eat homemade meals three times a day, no matter how busy your life. We will offer different scheduling options, since we know that one size does not fit all: some of you might want to cook once a week for four hours and be done, and some of you may want to put in 30 minutes a day. Since learning about planning meals is more fun with food, we will eat a sample vegetarian meal from Tali’s repertoire and make a delicious lunch for tomorrow with the leftovers.


18 Reasons

593 Guerrero Street @ 18th

February 1st, 6-8pm