Mel Kiper’s Redo of the 2005 NFL Draft

Imagine Rodgers with the Niners? It could have been a perfect marriage… He was right nearby in Berkeley, and he likely changes everything for the 49ers.

This is a conversation every 49 fan has had with themselves and friends. It’s frustrating to look back and wonder, “What if”. Not because it was some pie in the sky move the team would have had to pull off. No, it’s because the 49ers management let the ball go right through their hands with the No. 1 pick. And they haven’t acknowledged the mistake; ever!

But Kiper, like this fan, continues to dream, with a look back and a yearning of what could have been. Because what’s being a fan about if not for what ifs and prayers for a better tomorrow? ‘Cause there’s always next year.