Have you noticed all those cute little yellow birdhouses around the Mission and SoMa? They’ve been hung on telephone poles, trees and other nooks and crannies. Well, I haven’t spotted any but now I’m going to keep my eyes peeled open for them. Who’s putting them up and why? Here’s the answer.

The Uptown Almanac got the scoop. The birdhouses are the project of a man named “Jim”. He’s a bird-lover, handy with tools and an (unverified) artist. “I was asked to show 50 of my birdhouses at a pop-up gallery show in SOMA at Unspeakable Projects,” he told the Uptown. “I then sold those birdhouses, and the deal was I would install them in the location of the buyer’s choosing.”

You can track all the birdhouses here.

For more info, go here.