Planned Parenthood Comes to the Mission

Women all over SF now have a new clinic they can go to for safe, clean and affordable OB/GYN care. After having the one and only clinic (Golden Gate Planned Parenthood) in the city stripped of its affiliation, Planned Parenthood has now reopened an office in the Mission.

The Chronicle reports that, “The new center on Valencia Street is part of a new chapter following a difficult time for the women’s health organization in the Bay Area.

“We’re really excited that there are now expanded Planned Parenthood health center services available,” said Heather Saunders Estes, president and chief executive officer of the Planned Parenthood affiliate that covers San Francisco and 16 other counties. “Our goal is to make it possible for everyone who wants to come to a Planned Parenthood health center in these counties, and we are making significant steps toward that with the opening of the center on Valencia.”

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The Details:

Location: 1650 Valencia St., San Francisco

Hours: 9am-5pm, Mon and Thurs, 9am-12:30pm Tues

Contact: 415.821.1282