Business meals are not all about the food. It’s about the environment and being able to have good food, but also have a meeting and trying to close a deal.

Esquire takes a look at several major cities around the country, including San Francisco, and the best places to take clients out for a business meal.

In San Francisco, the article mentions two heavyweights that top the list: Gary Danko and the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton.

About Gary Danko, Esquire calls it “among the city’s finest restaurants and one of its most sophisticated, with a service staff that is never obtrusive.”

It calls the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton “absolutely and always correct for a business meal – never boisterous, always in good taste.”

The article also gives a few tips on choosing a restaurant to dine out at: Choose a place that is not too large, too loud or too trendy. Tables should be well separated for the purpose of privacy. And call ahead, talk to the manager and describe your situation for advice on how the restaurant can help to accommodate you.

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Photo Credit: Keith Mizuguchi