Gavin Newsom is pledging to bring more of California’s entrepreneurial spirit to the Capitol as he was sworn in as California’s 49th lieutenant governor on Monday.

The former San Francisco mayor pledged to focus on job creation and other economic issues as he took the oath of office, which was administered by his father, retired associate justice of the California Court of Appeals William Newsom.

“I know my role as lieutenant governor is limited,” Newsom said. “Hopefully I can encourage everyone around here to take some risks … We’ve got to bring that entrepreneurial spirit back into Sacramento and not be afraid of tomorrow’s headlines.”

The lieutenant governor fills in when the governor travels out of state or is incapacitated. Newsom also will serve on the governing boards of the state’s public universities and commissions dealing with economic development and conservation.

He said after his inauguration speech that he has concerns about Brown’s proposal to eliminate funding for enterprise zones and local redevelopment agencies, which he credited for helping to build up Mission Bay and Treasure Island in San Francisco. He said enterprise zones helped the city lure Virgin America airline.

“I honor his willingness to put it up but I also honor his willingness to keep an open mind,” Newsom said.

Newsom, who was accompanied by his wife and daughter, said after the ceremony that he planned to split his time between Sacramento and San Francisco.

Photo Credit: By Josh Thompson (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons